Woolen Mill Order Status

The Old Creamery Woolen Mill is Randall’s custom fiber processing mill. This page is set up for you to check your order status. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

CustomerDate RcvdWashedPickedCardedPin DraftSpunPliedFelted BattSkein/ConeCall for Pick up
Lara6 May5 July10 July11 July11 JulyCleo done. Working on Daphne 19 July.Cleo and Daphne done. Working on Hazel. 2 Aug, done
Order skeined and complete. 2 Aug 2018
Ready for pickup
Susan12 May19 July
30 July
Order Change: Raissa, Dreamer, and Wool Mix
16 Aug
1 Aug
Raissa: 8 Aug
Fiona: 9 Aug
Dreamer: 10 Aug
Fiona: 15 Aug
Raissa and Dreamer spun together
Fiona: 16 Aug
Raissa and Dreamer done.
Ready for pickup.
Karen S.12 May1 Aug3 Aug3 Aug, doneReady for pickup
Mary Lou13 May2 Aug
Jeanie W.
Order A: Navajo Churro (14)
Order B: Navajo Churro (25)
Order C: Shetland
Order D: Ivry
16 MayStart 7 Aug, Finish 9 AugOrder A: 9 Aug
Order C: 9 Aug
Order D: 9 Aug
Order B: Start 13 Aug, Finish 14 Aug
Order A: 15 Aug
Order A: blue + 2 feed bags
Order B: 2 blue + 2 white
Order C: 2 white Icelandic
Order D: 3 bags Knit machine
16 MayOrder A: 2 Aug
Order B: Start 2 Aug, Finish 3 Aug
Order C: 6 Aug
Order D: 7 Aug
Order A: 6 Aug
Order B: 6 Aug
Order C; 8 Aug
Order D: 8 Aug
Order B: 6 Aug
Order A: 9 Aug
Order C: 13 Aug
Order D: 14 Aug
A: 13 Sep
B: 18 Sep
C: 20 Sep
A: 17 Sep. Complete.
B: 20 Sep Started
A: 17 Sep Complete.
B: 20 Sep Started
Peggy B.17 MayStart 9 Aug, Finish 10 Aug14 Aug
Stephanie18 May4 Sep 18
Carole22 May12 Sep14 SepIn progress
Russ27 May
Amy27 May
Esther31 May19 Sep20 Sep
Sarah5 June
Michelle E.15 June
Vicki21 June
Donna L.21 June
Amy A.22 June
Amy 26 June
Marci26 June
Jill D.5 July
Linda F.9 July
Jane O.18 July
Foothills Alpaca19 Julypartial washed as requested
Terri G.20 JulyCompleted 14 Aug, please call for pickup
Marge N.24 July
Kim F.26 July
Trudy D.2 Aug
Brenda H.10 Aug
Margo H. 17 Aug
Char D. 18 Aug
Stacy D.20 Aug
Vicky K.23 Aug
Carol W. 24 Aug
Terri G.27 Aug
Rebecca M.31 Aug
Abby F.31 Aug

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Old Creamery Woolen Mill
132 Sundwood Ln., P.O. Box 157
Randall, MN 54675


Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Saturday & Sunday – call for an appointment Tours offered on Friday. Call for Schedule.

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