Woolen Mill Order Status

The Old Creamery Woolen Mill is Randall’s custom fiber processing mill. This page is set up for you to check your order status. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

CustomerDate RcvdWashedPickedCardedPin DraftSpunPliedFelted BattSkein/ConeCall for Pick up
Terri G.27 Aug
Washed 2/4/19CompleteComplete2/25/19
CompleteCompleteCompleteOrder Complete
Viktor S.
4 OctCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteIn progressComplete
Brittany G.8 OctCompleteCompleteIn Progress
Josephine C.22 Octpending
Julie J.30 Oct 03.21.1903.25.19CompleteIn queue 03.26.19
Kathleen A.30 Oct03.21.1903.25.19CompleteIn queue 3/27/19
Sarah O.14 Nov03.21.1903.25.19In queue 03.26.19
Ellen S.14 Nov03.21.1903.25.19In queue 03.26.19
Niki M.21 Nov03.21.1903.25.19In queue 03.26.19
Lisa B.21 Nov03.21.1903.25.19In queue 03.26.19
Donna L.26 Nov03.25.19In queue 3.26.191 order complete
Theresa B.4 Dec03.21.19In queue 03.26.19
Kris B.10 Dec03.21.19In queue 03.26.19
Amber A.17 DecIn progress 03.27.19
Meghan B.18 Dec
Teresa K.19 Dec
Alice L.4 Jan 19
Stacy R.4 Jan 19
Trudy D.8 Jan 19
Deborah P.7 Jan 19
Rachel G.11 Jan 19
Trudy D.14 Jan 19
Melissa N.17 Jan 19
Nealna G.18 Jan 19
Dawna G.21 Jan 19
Wendy L.2 Feb 19
Carolyn M.4 Feb 19
Gail R.8 Feb 19
Trudy D.13 Feb 19
Dennis E.18 Feb 19
Carrie J.8 Mar 19
Hope L.20 Mar 19

Contact Information

Old Creamery Woolen Mill
132 Sundwood Ln., P.O. Box 157
Randall, MN 54675


Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Saturday & Sunday – call for an appointment Tours offered on Friday. Call for Schedule.

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