Wool Pricing

The Old Creamery Woolen Mill offers custom fiber processing on a small scale and offer a variety of woolen mill services. We process your wool into roving, yarn, felted or lofted batts. Our prices for our services and products are listed below.

Prices are subject to change.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and personal checks. All orders will be paid in full before leaving the mill. Any order left in the mill unpaid after 60 days will become property of the mill. Contact us with your questions.

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Cloud Only (Includes Washing)

Cloud has the texture of stuffing.  We are washing your fiber, drying and then running the fiber through the picking machine.  This opens up the fibers and gives the customer a light and fluffy fiber.

  • Wool-$10.00 Per lb.
  • Fine Wool-$12.00 Per lb.
  • 100% Exotics-$12.00 Per lb.


Needle Felting/Batting

Felted Wool Sheets

Wool is carded into batts on a drum roller then needle felted 1/8" Thick 2 times through needle felter.  This is a great alternative for the high loft quilt batt and can be quilted with the long arm quilting machine.  Using our needle felter we can make felt up to 4' wide and almost any length your desire.

Felted Mats

Mats for shoe inters, blocking and pressing mats and any crafts are typically 1/4" to 1/2" thick.  On average the finished useable are aon the felted mat is 40"x 40".  The needle felter does not make felt over a 1/2" thick.

1/8" Thick Wool Sheets:  $20.00 finished pound (for quilting)

1/4" Thick Wool Mats etc.:  $24.00 finished pound (shoe inserts, crafts, etc.)

1/2" Thick Wool Mats, etc.:  $27.50 finished point (blocking and press mats, etc)

 Shoe Inserts

Want your shoe inserts cut?  We can do that in sizes small to extra large.  From start to finish, the total price is $12.00 a finished pair.



(If you want your fiber washed but not processed further)

  • Wool-$8.00 Per lb.
  • Fine Wool-$9.00Per lb.
  • 100% Exotics-$10.00 Per lb.

*Exotics include mohair, llama, alpaca, angora, dog hair, camel, fine wools which need special care, etc.  Exotic and fine wool may need wool added as structure for spinning, felting, etc.  We will contact you if necessary.


Carding your raw fibers into batts or roving, includes washing.

  • Wool-$14.00 Per lb.
  • Fine Wool-$15.00 Per lb.
  • 100% Exotics-$16.00 Per lb


Pin Drafting

(Added to processing charges)

  • Cost:  Wool-$2.50 Per lb.
  • 100% Exotics-$3.50 Per lb.

Some fleeces may need an additional pin-drafting in order to thoroughly blend the various lengths of fiber to properly spin on our machine.  If it is necessary to run a second time for spinning on our equipment, an extra $2.50 per finished pound of yarn will be charged for this additional pin drafting.



(Prices are based on the finished weight of the yarn and include all processing needed to get it to that stage)

Fiber Length:  Assessing your fiber for spinning on our machines includes looking at its length.  We typically can spin lengths from 3 inches to 8 inches.  Longer than that won't draft properly, and shorter than that will fall apart in the drafting zone.  If in doubt, call to discuss your fiber and available options to you.

We can process lace weight to bulky and up to 8 ply (if your wool will spin that fine).  Please specify the weight and ply when you send your fiber.  Our spinning is determined by standard yarn charts at wraps per inch (WPI) and the ply you indicate.

We do not have a minimum amount; however, you will be charged at a minimum of 1lb on small orders.

  • $30.00 per lb.


Coning and Skeining

Coning Skeining

(Yarn can be put into skeins, normally 200 yards unless you have a specified amount or cones)

  • Coning- $1.75 each.
  • Skeins-$2.50 per lb.

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